Youth Swim Lessons (ages 6-12 years)

Organized on age/skill group system; allows child’s skill level to be specifically addressed. Levels contain personal growth, stroke development, water sports, games, personal safety, and rescues. With many skills to learn, it may take several sessions to pass a level. Every child learns at their own pace. Missed classes are not made up unless due to the fault of the YMCA.


Beginner level. Students are introduced to pool rules, learn the back and front float; front and back paddle stroke.  Safety in and around the pool, victim and danger recognition, water rescues and reaching assists will be introduced.


Intermediate level.  Guppies will learn: safety swim, diving safety, front and back float, front, side and back stroke paddle, diving skills, water games and various boating safety skills. Additional information about rescue skills will be introduced, such as reaching assists, throwing assists and rescue breathing.


Advanced Intermediate.  Development of swimming strokes, water safety and rescue skills are refined.

Fee: Y-Members $23 Program member $45

Parents' Day

On the last day of each session, parents are encouraged to participate in lessons with their children. This is a great way for families to support each other and have fun by spending quality time with their children!

Swim Level Assessment

If your child has not been in our swim program before or has not been in attendance for two or more sessions, we strongly recommend your child be evaluated before registering for class to ensure proper and safe placement. Contact our Aquatic Director to schedule a time for your child.


Registration begins Thursday (the last day of the current session) and continues through the Saturday before the next class starting date. Class sizes are limited in order to maintain a small student ratio. All swim instructors are WSI certified. A $10 late fee will be strictly enforced.

Class Changes

The Denny Price Family YMCA reserves the right to cancel or combine classes. If a class is canceled, an Aquatic Coordinator will notify you.